Multiple methods to incorporate biometric data
Tailored recommendations to improve user’s health
Track and monitor changes over time

There are multiple ways for users to send biometric data and incorporate it into FitLyfe 360: via the Health2Go mobile app, Web app, FitDoc (automated physician form processing), fax, or attending an onsite biometric screening event.

This information enables users to understand their current health risks based on real measures, such as blood, cholesterol, and glucose. Knowing the outcomes, users can decide what risks they want to address.

Additionally, FitLyfe 360 presents them with tailored recommendations for wellness programs that can help them focus on improving their specific health risks. Over time, this data can trend biometric history to help users track and monitor changes and progress in their health. From a motivational perspective, the biometric assessment capabilities in FitLyfe 360 also show users how they earned points and incentives based on biometric outcomes.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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