Flexible program design combined with insightful analytics
Complete control over all your data – access your outcomes 24/7
No need for multiple platforms and providers – it’s all contained in FitLyfe 360

Anchoring all of FitLyfe 360s wellness solutions is the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), a self-reported overview of each employee’s health history, conditions, behaviors, and willingness to make changes. 

FitLyfe uses the industry-leading Wellsource HRA, a comprehensive system that provides in-depth information about each user’s health status and health risks. The HRA is NCQA-certified, HIPAA compliant, and meets all Medicare, Medicaid, and state regulatory requirements. It is consistently updated with the latest evidence-based science and uses predictive analytics and risk stratification to help companies better allocate resources. 

The FitLyfe 360 HRA examines self-perceived health status, nutrition, physical activity, social and mental health, and readiness to change. It also incorporates evidence-based biometrics. Then a detailed report is generated for users that covers:

  • Overall wellness score and health age.
  • Key areas chart summarizing individual performance related to top health issues.
  • Key areas detail showing the elements that contribute to the overall score; each key area is rated and offers recommendations for improvement.
  • Biometrics presents the values for a dozen measures, a risk icon showing the level of risk associated with each measure, and a graph showing performance on each measure over time.

Recommendations in the HRA determine which FitLyfe 360 wellness solutions are promoted to each user. 

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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