Automatically populates physician data into FitLyfe 360
Real-time integration for immediate access
No need for separate data storage

FitDoc is a fully integrated capability for real-time physician form processing that cuts down processing time from hours to minutes.

Users simply fax the appropriate form in the system to the doctor, have the doctor fax the completed form back to the system, or send the completed form to the user, who can then upload it to the system.

Using the Health2Go app or any web browser, FitLyfe 360 automatically uploads the data.

A centralized management function supports the process of converting handwritten information into digital data using AI, which then populates the form. Upon form validation, the data is incorporated into the user’s profile with report measures, outcomes, and recommendations.

Biometric data, outcomesincentives, and rewards are updated immediately. There is no need for data storage – the information is fully integrated into the user’s data profile in real time once the report is uploaded.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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