Import biometrics, visits and wellness activity on the fly
Import claims data for users to view and for analytics
Built in data validation and error management

The import module enables administrators to import data from other sources relating to health points. This includes biometrics, wellness visits, activity completion, and data from any third parties if the company uses them.

In addition, the import module allows administrators to incorporate claims data into FitLyfe 360 for users to view their medical, pharmaceutical, dental, vision, and behavioral health claims and for administrative analysis as it relates to the company’s wellness program.

The system provides extensive data validation during the import process and a built-in error management capability to ensure data accuracy.

With our export module, administrators can cull relevant data from FitLyfe 360 and export it for other health benefits management purposes. All FitLyfe 360 reports can also be exported. Reports can be converted to pdf, Excel, or Word files.

Authorized healthcare provider partners (health systems and health plans) can also export user activity data with the advanced reporting module.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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