Your URL and logo on every page of FitLyfe 360
Adapt your design to your colors, fonts, and images
Your brand on all emails, notifications, and communications

Your FitLyfe 360 platform can be completely branded to your organization or you can co-brand with FitLyfe 360 and/or your clients.

It starts from the login page, where you select from three layout options, add your own logo, and choose your own branding colors, program messages, and preferred images.

Your name and logo appear on the user’s dashboard and every other page on the platform and the Health2Go app. You can use your corporate colors and integrate your preferred images.

You can even insert photos of your teams, coaches, and locations to make all the visuals specific to your organization.

Additionally, all communications in FitLyfe 360 are customized to your brand, including emails, notifications, flyers, and brochures.

As a result, FitLyfe 360 reinforces your brand and helps you build a culture of wellness.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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