Mix and match any combination of wellness programs that meet your needs
Add on or deactivate programs at any time
Customize rules and parameters for points management, biometric incentives, and outcomes design

Unlike other wellness products, FitLyfe 360 gives you complete control over your program design.

You choose which individual and group solutions you want to include in your program and set up the system to offer those.

You can add and deactivate programs as needed, but still maintain all your data in FitLyfe 360’s single, integrated database. So if you want to begin with the HRAbiometric screening, and challenges and add in other capabilities, like coaching, later you can. This allows you to focus on the unique population health needs of your employee base.

Additionally, FitLyfe 360 makes it easy to customize the rules and parameters you want to use for points management, biometric incentives design, and outcomes design.

You can use our default points system or create your own to respond to the particular needs of your employee population.

It only takes a matter of minutes to set up your system and then FitLyfe 360 automatically implements it across all programs and capabilities.

Biometric incentives can be points-based or outcomes-based. Plus FitLyfe automatically converts biometric incentives into your health points system for immediate reward fulfillment.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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