Create reports showing insights into your population’s health risks and progress
Compare year-over-year data for performance management
Uncover health risks and gaps to address with FitLyfe 360 in the future

Health systems and health plans with authorized access to patient data have the added capability of creating insightful custom reports in FitLyfe 360.

This advanced reporting tool allows you to download the data to do deeper analysis with other relevant health and wellness data. As a result, you can develop more granular insights into health and wellness performance, gaps, and drivers among the targeted population, as well as identify new programming for future evaluation.

Custom reports can be devised around any FitLyfe 360 data, including HRAbiometrics, and all types of claims data (health, dental, vision, pharmaceutical, and behavioral health).

For instance, you can generate a report showing wellness outcomes for all individuals using Coaching capabilities.

FitLyfe 360 also integrates the different types of data so you can see HRA, wellness program activity, claims, and biometric data together in one report. The insights generated enable you to target future wellness programming and demonstrate a bottom-line impact.

All custom reports you build can be exported via Excel, Word, or pdf for further analysis.

These reports are invaluable for demonstrating current performance and highlighting opportunities for additional improvements for each health system/health plan client.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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