Provides a snapshot your employees’ health risks
Conduct high level analysis about how your wellness program is performing
Combines data from different sources, including wellness, census and claims
The FitLyfe 360 Insight Manager offers administrators the ability to assess how well their wellness program is performing and where there may be gaps or inconsistencies that shed light on the most productive next steps for your wellness program. You can generate charts and data in real time that provide insight related to eligibilitybiometrics, assessments, health points statistics, vaccinations, risk assessments, and reports from doctor supplied information in FitDoc. These insights provide an invaluable snapshot and create a clear picture of your employees’ health and risks, and highlight opportunities to impact healthcare costs within your organization. The Insight Manager also offers the option to view aggregate claims data, which then connects to your wellness program data for clearer insight into your employee population’s healthcare expenses and how they align with your wellness efforts. You can develop advanced reports that enable you to see which health risks occur the most among your population and exactly what this is costing you in claims. This insight can help you target future programs that can have a bottom-line impact on your healthcare costs.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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