Comprehensive, flexible, and easy to administer
Use FitLyfe 360’s default rules or create your own
Define your system to translate points into rewards

FitLyfe 360 makes it easy for administrators to assign points and specify incentives and rewards for all health and wellness activities.

Administrators can specify badges levels and points earned for each activity, including program participation rules, Wellness Challenges, Biometric Screenings, Event participation, Coaching services, reading or viewing of Educational Materials, completing Mental Health Courses, questioning their knowledge of Health Literacy Question Sets, and more.

Using an intuitive interface, administrators can choose FitLyfe 360’s default system of rules for points or establish your own rules for any wellness program. Administrators can even establish micro-incentives targeting specific populations and awarding points for unique behaviors, such as those connected to disease prevention and management.

Once the point system is created, your administrators or a FitLyfe account manager sets up the incentive system. This includes determining how much each goal is worth and establishing the point-to-dollar ratio for rewards.

Then administrators use the catalog builder to add brand-recognized suppliers, assign points levels for redemption of individual rewards, and monitor award redemption trends. Rewards can be assigned across the system, on a location level, or a group level.

Administrators also have back-end functionality that enables them to see what points have been awarded, to which populations, for which activities, and how much that has translated into redeemed rewards.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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